Types of Carrots

There are probably as many carrot types as there are letters of the alphabet!...Yet, most of us are only familiar with one. The larger supermarkets are starting to introduce the public to the other types that are available. Hopefully, you might become familiar with some others here, so that if you see them in the market, you will be able to select them with confidence.

ADELAIDE - Smooth-skinned, cylindrical roots which form well filled, stump roots. It has an impressive, deep orange color.

AMSTERDAM - A high quality variety which have cylindrical roots with a rich, deep orange-red color and almost no core. A delicious finger carrot.

AUTUMN KING 2 - A variety with long, large, high quality conical roots with a fine, even internal color. Highly recommended for eating fresh or for winter storage.

BERLIKUM - Similar to the Nantes variety. It is grown mainly for packaged products.

BERTAN - The sweetest of carrots, superb in every way with smooth, sweet and juicy roots. Other sweet carrots, such as in the Amsterdam range, lose their sweetness as they mature. Bertan has the added advantage of keeping its sweet flavor.

CHANTENAY - A short, thick carrot that is slightly tapered with a blunt end. They are about 5-inches in length and are slightly lighter orange in color. Chantenay carrots have a sweet flavor but their texture is coarser than some of the other types of carrots. These carrots are primarily used in processing diced carrots.

CARSON - Rich orange core and a crunchy sweet taste. Renowned for their taste, and one of the best. They store well for autumn and winter use.

DANVERS - A medium-length carrot whose different varieties range from 7 to 8-inches in length. They are slightly tapered but are thicker than Imperators and have a blunt end. Danvers have a nice orange color and are a good eating carrot. They can be found sold in fresh markets and they are also used in processing.

EMPEROR - These have a thin root with a pointed tip and have a thin core, excellent color and a smooth skin. The leaf is medium-sized. It is usually sold fresh in a bunch and sliced for packs of carrots.

FLAKKEE - It stands out for its excellent internal and external coloring and is one of the most well-known varieties in Europe. The carrots do not have a green top and are extremely firm, being appropriate for sliced presentations.

FLYAWAY - A Nantes type with cylindrical roots and a good blunt end and, prehaps most importantly, they are succulent and sweet.

INGOT - Very sweet with a high Vitamin C and carotene content. Excellent for fresh eating, slicing, freezing, etc. They have long smooth, deep orange roots, and sweet to the core.

IMPERATOR - Long, thin, tapered carrots that are a rich orange color. The different varieties range in length from 8 to 11-inches. Imperators are the type of carrot most often found fresh in food stores. They are also used to produce mini-peeled carrots.

JEANETTE - This is an early maturing Nantes with smooth conical roots. Ideal for salads, due to their color.

JUMBO - This variety holds the World Record for the longest carrot. Amazingly tasty diced or steamed with a little chopped orange peel and honey for extra flavor.

JUWAROT - These are sensational. They contain a higher level of Vitamin A that can be found in any other carrot at the moment. It has a richly crisp, crunchy, and delicious flavor.

KINGSTON - A new hybrid producing heavy, cylindrical, well-colored roots with fantastic flavor. They have good storage qualities, and are ideal for winter stews, casseroles, and as a steamed vegetable.

MAROON - A variety of carrot that is distinctive in color and nutritional properties. This carrot has a purple or maroon outer coloring with an orange or orange and maroon colored inner flesh. The carrot provides a slightly sweeter apple-like flavor and contains higher levels of anthocyanins (purple pigments) that act like antioxidants, providing a healthy food alternative and a natural source of beta carotene. The maroon carrot can be prepared for juices, desserts, sauces, appetizers, side dishes, and for adding to other foods.

MINI-PEELED CARROTS - Mini-Peeled Carrots are most often labeled as baby carrots but they are not true baby carrots. They are actually a long, thin variety of carrot that is grown close together and bred to ripen faster than other varieties. After being harvested, they are washed and cut into 2-inch pieces. They are then sent through cutters and peelers to shape and polish them to their finished size. Mini-Peeled Carrots have become very popular as a snack, appetizer, and for cooking because of the convenience in not having to cut and peel them before use.

NANDURI - Ranked highly for flavor, this round, stump rooted carrot has excellent color and smooth skins. One of the best Nantes type.

NANTES - A medium length carrot whose different varieties range from 6 to 8-inches in length. It has a deep orange color and are generally the same diameter from top to bottom with a blunt tip. They have a higher water content than other carrots, which causes them to loose their shape when cooked. Their core is less fibrous, so they are more tender and sweeter in flavor, making them a good eating carrot. They are used for slicing and mini-peeled carrots.

NIGEL - A Nantes variety producing smooth skinned, good flavored, bright orange roots. The roots of this carrot resist cracking, and store well for winter usage.

SUPREME CHANTENAY - This red-cored variety is well known for its rich, orange/red-fleshed carrot, crisp and sweet.

TRUE BABY CARROTS - True Baby Carrots are small, sweet and tender carrots that are harvested earlier than normal. They are generally sold with their greens still on and they look like a normal carrot, only smaller. They are not cut and peeled in the same manner as mini-peeled carrots.

YELLOWSTONE - The first yellow hybrid carrot! Adding a whole new dimension to carrots and their uses. Yellowstone has rich, canary yellow, smooth skin along with a succulent, sweet crunch. Ideal for children.