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This page is dedicated to "Rosie", my mother-in-law, who is no longer with us. She taught me Polish cooking and traditions, which I have tried to carry on with our family. She was an inspiration to all of us, and we miss her dearly.

Polish food is hospitable. It has the obvious hospitality of other cuisines; steaming and hearty kluski z kapusta polskie (Polish Noodles and Cabbage) will warm you in the winter and the unmatchable chlodnik (Cold Cucumber-Beet Soup) will cool you in the Summer –but Polish cuisine has a special hospitality all its own. Because of the special refinement it has undergone, it is fragrant and aromatic but never overwhelming (Except possibly, in quantity). It is a cuisine you can feel at home with.

Even more hospitable than their food are the Poles themselves. Their traditional greeting:


( “Guest In The House: God In The House” )

Is more than polite sentiment; it is a strict norm for the treatment of all guests. At “WIGILIA”, The most important meal of the year (Eaten after sundown on Christmas Eve), A place is always kept ready for a guest. During the rest of the year, although no special place is reserved, that feeling of welcome is still present. You are expected; There is always room for you.

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